College or University Benefits

·    Adopting a Multiple Options Program at your college or university will provide your institution with a significant new revenue stream.     


       Adopting a Multiple Options Program at a college or university with 14,000 students, where students are charged $375/Credit, will result in a revenue stream of $15,750,000  based upon an estimated 10% student participation in the program and 30 credits per program.  Adjust up or down based upon the number of students at the college or university, the cost per credit, the number of disciplines adopting the program, and the number of required credits per program.

·    All of this can be done at virtually no cost to the college or university.  



·    The Multiple Options Program is fully protected by U.S. copyright.  You will need to obtain the rights to create, adopt, install or implement this program at your college or university.  There are no up-front costs, but royalties or license fees will need to be paid as revenues from the program accrue.   

·    Contact Higher Ed Innovations for obtaining those rights.


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